Get Rid of Clutter in Your Home

Clutter can make a space look and feel disorganized, confusing, and stressful.

Clutter can also make it difficult to keep your home clean and it tends to snowball as piles of paperwork and other ongoing projects are moved from room to room to make space for, well, more clutter. Reducing clutter is a way for your home and life to feel cleaner, better organized, and more manageable.


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Desktop clutter is one of the most common causes of chaos in the home.

Many homeowners are looking for ways to reduce or eliminate household clutter. The solution to the problem depends on the source of the clutter. Clutter is usually created when things are scattered around without a place to go. A home remodel is the perfect opportunity to integrate custom space-saving organizational solutions.


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An organized home office often requires plenty of shelving and a foolproof filing system.

Clutter is also created by the stuff we use to decorate our homes. Knickknacks and personal trinkets used to be a way to integrate personal style into a home’s decor, but current interior design trends have moved some of our most precious stuff into the realm of kitsch.

A third source of clutter comes from the items we love but never use. Many of these items are toys or gadgets that lost their appeal over time, while others are memorabilia and family heirlooms that can be very difficult to let go of.

A home remodel can be an opportunity to create clean, uncluttered rooms by saying goodbye to items along with the spaces they used to occupy. Removing clutter has become a main goal of many home remodeling projects, and there are a number of ways that you can integrate organization and clutter cutting right into your home’s new design.

Take a look at our list of ideas for preventing and reducing clutter in the home. Some tips can be used in your current space, while others can be integrated into a remodel or become the focus of a home improvement project. If you have any clutter-busting success stories of your own, don’t forget to share them in the comments section at the bottom.

Chicago Junk Hauling and Removal Services

Welcome to Junk Vets Chicago Junk Hauling and Removal Services, we owned and operated by Veterans of the United States.
We started Junk Vet as a junk hauling and junk removal services to provide a better cost efficient and convenient alternative to dumpster rentals. We can clearly see the better choice, whereas dumpster rentals can cost you up to $400.00 and not to mention labor.  We at Junk Vets do it all for you. Just call and we’ll haul.

We specialize in Junk Hauling in Chicago

We’ve  done Estate Cleanouts in Chicago due to the recent market and home foreclosures.  We’ve worked with charities as to helping people that are hoarders and help given them the space they needed to declutter. We remove old furniture, cleaned out basements in Chicago, cleaned out garages and can help vacate and demolish old property.  We’ll leave the job site or premises looking clean and without debris.

Need Junk Pick up in Chicago or Junk Pick up In NWI?

If you have junk pick in Chicago, well haul it away and recycle it, whenever possible. If its in a pile in your driveway or all over your garage or basement, Junk Vets will come to your home and pick up and haul away your junk.  There’s no need to get your hand or clothes dirty, we’ll do it for you. We service NWI (Northwest Indiana) and the southwest suburbs of Chicago.  Some people often ask us do we donate? The answer is yes. We give to local charities in Chicago and in NWI we help vets get jobs and more. If  you’re looking for some old furniture or appliance or need a your whole house cleaned out contact Junk Vets Junk Hauling and Junk Pick up company.



Best Junk Removal Service in Chicago and Northwest Indiana

I want to take a little time to tell you about myself and my company. My name is Hector Caballero Jr. I grew up in Lansing IL. I served four years in the Marine Corps as a Military Policeman, which is also how I came up with the name Junkvets. We are a veteran owned and operated business. I try my best to hire vets, and donate to veteran organizations. My father served in the army, my sister served in the Marines and I have several cousins and uncles that also served. Many of my relatives have served in World War 2, Vietnam, and Iraq. I’ve always felt very proud of my families service and patriotism. Thats something that my parents have taught me since I was a kid. I’m a fourth generation American, my great grandparents immigrated from Mexico in search of a better life and opportunity. I’m very thankful for their sacrifices and hard work. I don’t know what is more valuable in life, the opportunities they given me, or the ability to create my opportunities.

When I started Junkvets, I wanted to create opportunities. I created a business that can not only help the customer, but also help someone in need. Sometimes I do jobs where I get all junk that needs to be thrown out, but usually theres something within a load that can be repurposed or donated. See thats the beautiful thing. The customer gets their clutter removed. An old couch, bed, or appliance which is something that somewhere someone in need can definitely use. It helps me because it gives me a great workout, and lessens my load, which costs less at the dump for, which in turn costs less for the customer. I got to tell you when I started this company I didn’t realize how rewarding this would be. Leaving a customers house after working up a good sweat, charging them less than what it would have cost them for a dumpster, and they didn’t have to do any work. Then taking some of that stuff to give to someone in need. It’s a win win for everyone.

Although I try my best to donate what I can, some of these donation spots could be quite picky. For that reason, the items that are not donatable, like certain furniture, appliances or general junk items, I try to repourpose the best I can. Craigslist has also become a good friend of mine. Now for the cool stuff! I got to tell you although its not often, you’d be quite surprised of the stuff that people throw out. Thanks to my wife for keeping me in check with all my finds, otherwise my house would probably look like a museum. Probably one of the coolest finds is an old Japanese rifle with bayonet from world war 2. Thats around the time that I started collecting and buying military memorabilia. I’ll try to keep you updated with some future pics and videos of my junk removal adventures.

Estate Clean Out Service in Chicago and Northwest Indiana

This past year I’ve noticed that a lot of the calls we get were for whole house cleanouts. A lot of the calls were from the family members of someone who has passed, or from someone who had to make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home. Around this time, I spoke to a representative from the Funeral Directors Association of Chicago. They were having a trade show and I wondered if I should do it. I spoke to Carol from the FDSA, and she thought it was a good idea. I tossed it around and figured, It wouldn’t hurt. When I got there to set up, I have to admit it seemed a bit awkward, and I really felt out of place. The booth to my left manufactured urns, and coffins. the booth to my right sold paintings of loved ones that passed. Then there was me, Junk Removal. I thought, wow am I out of place.

Once they opened the doors, I Thought Oh boy this is going to be interesting. Wow was I wrong. Here they came, one by one looking at the booths. The first couple of people looked at my booth up and down and kept walking. Then a man came up looked at my booth, then looked at me and said “you know this is probably the best booth I’ve seen at this show.” He went on to tell me how many times he went as a funeral director to someones house and couldn’t even get into the house, or of the times that a family asked him if he knew anyone that does clean outs or junk removal. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the middle of the isle and told me to make sure that I stopped every funeral director and explained to them what I do and how I can help them.The night was completely changed from there on out. It got to the point where I wish I had more time to meet with some of these people. It was quite exciting. I looked around and saw other venders looking at my booth wondering who the heck is Junkvets, and why are all these people at their booth?

Just about everyone who walked by looked with a very puzzled look on their face and said “Junk….what?” After I explained our services, the general response was very good. Some people even chuckled and explained to me how even though they would have never thought of seeing a junk removal service at the trade show, they could definitely use our service either for themselves or for a referral. Referrals are good. Not just for me, but also for the funeral director. When a family asks, ” what do we do with all this stuff?”, You need a reputable answer. Thats where Junkvets comes in.

Junkvets is a licensed and insured company that takes a referral very serious. We consider a referral very valuable and I’m not just talking about money. There is reputation involved. The reputation of the funeral director, the reputation of my company, my employees and myself. I know that if I don’t represent the funeral director in the highest regard, I’ll probably never get his business again.

More importantly is the customer. During these difficult times I know that these people don’t just want anyone walking through their loved ones house. When we enter these homes, we understand that we need to be compassionate and in a sense walk softly. Some of these customers are concerned as to what we are going to do with their loved ones belongings. Well first, we try to donate and repurpose everything we can. We recently did a job in Park forest for a woman named shirley, who was referred to us by State Farm. She lost her brother and mother to a fire. Naturally she was distraught and concerned about what was going to happen to her mothers clothes. It was very rewarding to see how relieved she was to know that her mothers clothes were going to be donated. she said her mother told her that when she passed, she wants her things repurposed. We understand that this is a big deal to a customer. There could be many decades of memories and experiences in these homes. Next, just about everything that can be recycled, will be. Finally, everything else that can’t be donated or recycled, will be taken to a transfer station where it could be further processed for disposal.

Junk Could Be Someone Elses Treasure

I’d like to talk a little about illegal dumping in Chicago. We’ve all seen those piles of tires, or that big pile of drywall from someone’s remodeling job. I’ve been doing more and more jobs cleaning up after these criminals who think it’s ok to dump on someone elses private property. I call them criminals because for them they are only saving a couple hundred dollars but in doing so giving a huge burden of time and money to that property owner. I recently did a job for a baptist church on the south side. I’ll keep their name private, but their proptery managers name was Pam. Pam was a very nice lady who told me she had some illegal dumping on a vacant property that their church owned off 95th and cottage grove. So I took a ride out there with Leonard my operations manager. We showed up and met Pam and as soon as I saw this pile I knew we needed more trucks and more people. Pam seemed a little disappointed and frustrated, and I have to admit I did too. I told her not to worry we’ll get this out in no time. Of course I’m running a business, and here to do a job, but I couldnt help but think of what kind of person would dump their trash like that. And in case your wondering how much stuff we pulled out, it wasn’t just a bunch of garbage bags. We pulled out 9 tons of debris. We had it done in a day. Dumped legally and safely at a local transfer station.

That’s why I say to be careful of who you give your garbage to. Are you sure the people you hire won’t dump in someones back yard? Right now in Illinois, it’s a felony and costs tens of thousands of dollars in fines. I often wonder why would these knuckleheads even take that risk. Last summer, I was called to give an estimate on a whole house cleanout in Cal city. The lady had wall to wall debris. Real classic hoarder. The bid I gave her was low and fair. I figured we were close to the dump and quite frankly it was slow season and my guys needed some hours. When you’ve got good guys, you’ve got to hang on to them. When I left the house, I was pretty confident that I got the job. The bid was tight and I had the crew and equipment to tackle this job. A couple of days passed and no word. So after a couple of more days I called the client to see if she had any questions or concerns. She told my that someone beat my bid by more than half. It took a minute for me to respond after pulling my jaw up off the ground. I ended up telling her that this competitors price doesn’t even come close to making sense. His price would not even cover what it would cost me to dump at a local transfer station. Not even close! On top of that he needs a minimum of 9 guys out there. At this point I knew I wasn’t getting the job but still felt compelled to convince her not to use these guys. I laid it out point by point how much everything cost. She was less than amused and it was evident that she simply didn’t care that her trash was going to be dumped somewhere it shouldn’t be. At that moment, I felt the same way I did when I met Pam at the vacant lot on 95th: disappointed and frustrated.

Thankfully, there aren’t as many unscrupulous people out there like this lady. I guess the stars were aligned when these two scammers met. It was a perfect match. She wanted it done for next to nothing and he wanted to make a couple of bucks and have no costs to him. But it’s hard to wonder who got stuck with that garbage. What was it like when some property owner woke up to a mountain of garbage in their backyard? When we go out to do a job, you can be assured that all your items will be either donated, or recycled. Everything else will be taken to a transfer station, where it will be processed for disposal. So if you choose to work with someone other than Junkvets, that’s fine because I have some honorable competitors out there, yet some not so honorable. Just always ask them where they’re taking your junk to.